ADACELL: Revolutionizing Wireless industry by propagating Network Services

CIO Vendor The wireless communication industry is fast moving and constantly adding new technologies to empower end-users with new services that rely on increased data. Consequently, the carriers need to focus on providing data and voice services that are quality, reliable and affordable. Headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana, Adacell Technologies with Rahul Sahdev as CEO and MD, propounds technical practices to the fast growing wireless industry and deliver services to maximize Network Data and Voice performance. The company offers Network Services to Telecom Operators, OEMs and Tower Companies as well as EPC services, Distribution Franchisee and Smart Grid solutions to Utilities and distribution companies. To ensure quality network, the organization proffers RF and transmission services which comprises of radio network dimensioning. RF Optimization musters coverage planning, capacity and frequency allocation & interference analysis. Along the same line, it includes detailed planning which concentrate on parameter planning for network expansion for coverage, capacity & quality to stay ahead in competitive market.“We have started O&M (operation and maintenance) activities of wireless networks and developing solar solutions for telecom network to make Wi-Fi network work on solar”, states Rahul Sahdev.
Similarly, the Installation & Commissioning services of the company aids in providing quality services to the end users, upgrading network and assures network quality. Additionally, the services facilitate planned installation, commissioning and testing of BTS/BSC/MSC equipments while carrying out all the tests and planning the network capacity ofspecific region.Network Benchmarking, a specialized
service area of Adacell, is conducted by wireless carriers to achieve Quality of Experience (QoE).The service manages data collection & data integrity, measurement system, reporting and delivers business intelligence to maximize customer satisfaction. Thus it helps in reducing training costs by centrally capturing and disseminating practices as well as Intellectual Property (IP). Adacell’s expertise in Wi-Fi Network Services empowers them to provide a complete solution for network management. It enables 3G and LTE operators in rapid deployment and trouble-free operation of large scale Wi-Fi networks Solution. The service allows the clients to realize faster ROI with minimum number of base stations, minimal backhauling needs, cellular site co-location and leveraging the existing core components.

Adacell unwaveringly focuses on levitating standards of Wireless services ensuring seamless access to its customers

Adacell endeavors to evolve software based product for telecom operators to provide better operation and maintenance. By rolling out the Wi-Fi network services to the end users, Adacell also intends to assist the Smart City project (A Govt. of India initiative). With Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, Ceragon, Ericsson, RelianceJio, Aircel and many more eminent clients, the organization ventures to deliver quality services to the end customers. Leveraging its in-depth understanding of technology and experience in designing and implementation, Adacell unwaveringly focuses on levitating standards of Wireless services ensuring seamless access to its customers.