Commedia - Gamut of Customized Solutions for Wireless, Wireline and Media Domains

CIO Vendor Driven by 3G and 4G services, Indian telecom industry is expected to experience huge Machine-to-Machine (M2M) growth in 2016-17, according to a report. Where technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GSM have become global standards; the emerging wireless technologies like WiMAX, Wireless USB, and ZigBee would become pervasive globally. Leveraging new technologies to incorporate spectral efficiency, reliability and compression techniques to build best in class networks; Commedia delivers value added telecom, networking & media solutions to address the needs of customers in the digital world.
Headquartered in Mumbai, with offices and clients across the globe; Commedia is a provider of end-to-end networking solutions, covering a wide range of services to design, build, operate, and maintain. “We are a customer centric organization with a forte of speedier deployment of networks that enables customers to get their business started quickly and focus on business activities without any interruptions.” says C S Raghava Rao, Founder & Managing Director, Commedia Solutions.
Customer Centric Portal for Network Deployments
Commedia understands that reliability of the wireless links is fundamental for mission critical communications. The company thus employs tools during the initial design phase to model the networks according to users and their applications; and validate the same post implementation. With broadband solutions based on Wireless and Satcom technologies; Commedia introduces technologies such as supporting dual band hot spots and MIMO to the market place. In addition, company brings to table integration services that include RF site survey, Network Provisioning and Benchmarking; along with engineering services like traffic shaping and application of quality of service (QoS).
The structured delivery process helps Commedia to control all aspects of network deployment starting from network planning, logistics, project management, and maintenance support for network installation.Commedia believes in tightly knitting the people and processes- that forms the back bone of its service delivery model- an effective way to manage the execution. The CSD portal of company; a customer centric portal that can be accessed anytime and anywhere to track the status of the rollouts; helps company to monitor and manage network deployments and maintenance. The portal automates handoff to stake holders, triggers activities and escalations if any during deployments. Moreover, post deployment during operations phase, the portal simplifies the compliant resolution process for the customers by 24x7 access. Moving further, the tiered technical support structure and well-defined escalation procedure assures rapid response and resolution to hardware and network issues logged into the system.

Commedia is a provider of end-to-end networking solutions, covering a wide range of services to design, build, operate, and maintain

Commedia looks forward at providing solutions to address business requirements of customers globally. The company plans at investing in building of core competencies in communication and digital media domain; followed by expansion of comprehensive global service model to cater to customers in India and other geographies. “Post accomplishment of this, we pledge to continuously improve our process driven culture to consistently deliver value to our customers in the future,” concludes Raghava.