Suraj Informatics: Implementing Robust Networking Solutions to Serve the Communications Infrastructu

CIO Vendor In the not-too-distant past, the networking industry focused a lot on hardware speeds and feeds. Networking gear was judged on how many packets it could process per second and how many ports per device. While a lot of conversations in networking revolve around open networking, SDN and network automation, networking professionals are delving deep into many other areas. Enterprises are migrating to the 802.11ac WiFi standard and the transition to IPv6 continues to loom.

Suraj Informatics, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, is an IT and Telecommunication Infrastructure Services and Solution Company that provides expertise in the design, integration and management of communications & networking infrastructure to clients ranging from Contact Centers & Enterprises to Government & Service Providers. The company being an active customer service oriented organization has always strived to build long-term relationship with clients by providing cost effective and quality services on schedule.

Enterprise customer, gaining a true competitive edge from the network requires the enterprises to reduce network complexity and bottlenecks, while providing better application and network response time. Suraj Informatics proffers the much needed speed, performance, and flexibility required for the existing enterprise networks. Data networking solutions include a comprehensive portfolio of products designed to securely deliver Layer 2 connectivity, Layer 3 routing and Quality of Service, combined with Layer 4-7 content-aware intelligence. Furthermore, Suraj Informatics’ Wireless solutions provide full-duplex wireless connectivity at variable distances from less than 1 mile to as far as 40 miles away.
This technology is benefitting businesses including- telecom service providers, governments and enterprises by effective, economic and secure high-speed wireless communications solutions.
Wifi Enabled Port Automation
The marine terminals, characterized by open areas & large and expensive logistics equipment, are commencing to upgrade their technology to deliver more real-time, remote instructions for machine operators, thus expediting container logistics and providing better container tracking for security reasons. Suraj Informatics ’s network solution enables these shipping terminals to replace slow and limited narrowband wireless connectivity with 2.4/ 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi.

Suraj Informatics proffers the much needed speed, performance, and flexibility required for the existing enterprise networks

With Suraj informatics, workers do not have to search for hot spots of connectivity, since the entire terminal is encrusted with Suraj Wi-Fi coverage. The managers can access real time information about the condition, security, and location of a single container, as well as a big picture view of the entire logistics operation without delay from slow data rates or workers positioned in large gaps of connectivity.

With over 14 years of experience, SIPL has added a number of very good names to their portfolio of clientele across Seaports/ Container Terminals to Industries. The company is inclined to share a passion for the objectives of customers and a commitment to help them achieve measurable results through informed, objective and innovative uses of technology.