ZEBRA: Strategizing Wireless networking by providing RF WLAN solution

CIO Vendor The increased use of mobile devices to access cloud services, Web-based applications and real-time applications is driving the need for higher bandwidth, lower latency and fewer dropped packets. These trends raise serious issues that may derail an enterprise's mobile strategy as well as to manage and secure their network connection points. Zebra Technologies, headquartered in Illinois, USA, with Indian office in Bangalore, Karnataka, proffers proactive network solutions and system-wide security that guard against intrusion and the risk of cyber-attacks. The company also offers effective management solution to enterprise with centralized visibility and control of the entire system including Wi-Fi infrastructure, mobile devices, sensors and applications.

“Regardless of the size of the WLAN or the security requirements, our solutions distribute security features to every access point, creating an around-the-clock constant network perimeter guard that prevents threats from entering a network for unprecedented gap free security” states Deep Agarwal, Regional Sales Director - Indian Sub-continent. Zebra’s AirDefense Service Platform (ADSP) provides advanced 24x7 multi-RF WLAN and Bluetooth monitoring solution which allows to identify network attacks and vulnerabilities and to instantly terminate the connection to any rogue device.

Along the same line, Zebra provides enterprise ready mobile computers and tablets as versatile business tools to raise satisfaction levels of customers and reduce costs through streamlined processes. Supported by consistent operating system and ecosystem, the tools enable business operations with integrated scanning and data capture capabilities. Additionally, Zebra’s WiNG Express facilitates WLAN to small and medium sized businesses with responsive service and support.The product enables the view of security protocols in force
to protect and secure the data travelling over the wireless network in multiple locations. With Zebra’s WiNG 5 intelligence, access points get provisioned and managed through a single pane of glass which gives seamless experience to the users.

Customer-Engaging Bandwidth Solutions
Similarly, to meet dramatically increasing demands on network bandwidth, Zebra delivers 802.11ac access points (APs) to access high-bandwidth applications such as mobile video and streaming media applications. While delivering faster speeds, these solutions also provide the option of turning Access point into an IPS sensor for constant rogue detection. The APs help to arrive at the varied demands of guest access in public spaces by supporting number of mobile devices even for running demanding voice and data applications.

Zebra’s AirDefense Service Platform (ADSP) provides advanced 24x7 multi-RF WLAN and Bluetooth monitoring solution

Zebra also endeavors to evolve Enterprise Asset Intelligence space where the products and solutions would provide operational visibility to companies. The organization intends to deploy emerging technology dynamics to meet the evolving needs of our customers and harness on industry megatrends which include the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT), enterprise mobility and cloud computing. Emphasizing on benefits that integrated visibility, connectivity and mobility solutions can bring to the businesses, Zebra objectively works to levitate standards of Wireless services ensuring seamless access to its customers.